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JK 2 Door Double Triangulation crossmember

JK 2 Door Double Triangulation crossmember

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 Double triangulated rear for a smooth movement with zero binding and an anti squat value that keeps the tires pushing into the ground and making traction, but not having so much anti squat it feels like you are driving a trampoline down the road. 

Kit Features 

  • Double triangulated rear crossmember to eliminate rear steer
  • 1/4" plate mounts and gussets 
  • All laser cut and keyed together for strength and accuracy during assembly
  • Optimized geometry to eliminate binding 
  • Adjustable anti squat rear upper link brackets 
  • Made for standard 2.625 joints spacing with 9/16" hardware

Kit requires moving the gas tank out of the factory location to triangulated the rear. As a builder kit this does not include Links, joints, harware, or trusses to mount the rear. There are so many axles, different stretches, and combinations for builds that would use this that I can't make a one size fits all link set up. I can however advise and help on on how to get it done.

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